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We are a branding agency that combines creativity with modern technology to tell stories that transform and grow our partner's brands.

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We offer a wide range of design services  

Brand Strategy

Brand Audits
Quantitative Research
Qualitative Research
Voice & Tone
Messaging Framework
User Personas

Digital Collateral

Pitch Deck
Web Design
Social Media Templates
Logo Animation
Lottie Animations
Email Marketing Templates

Brand Identity

Logo Design
Visual Identity
Logo Design
Color Palette
Brand Style-Guide
Illustration & Iconography

Physical Collateral

Brochure Design
White Paper
Packaging & Labelings
Print Advertising
Wayfinding & Signage
Annual Report

Brand Activation

Roadmap Activation
Monthly Checkins
Training for Teams
Brand Audits


Print Consultancy
Art Direction
Brand Signage
Interior Design
Print Consultancy
Color Consultation
Material Consultation
Brand Photography

About us

Why are we branding? Why? Why?  

In a world where consumers are treated as money making machines and the advent of AI technology we saw the need of genuine human connection through building purpose-driven humanized brands using OI (organic intelligence).

We specialise in building these human emotional connections through brand strategy and visual identity that follows an architectural framework, builds a strong foundation, tell memorable stories & create long lasting experience.

OUr process

The Burger Strategy  

Our brand creation process is divided into 5 phases. Each phase involves an in-depth analysis of the difference aspects of the brand that will impact multiple touch-points.


Discovery & Research

In the workshop we will dig deep into the organisation, define the user types, understand the competitive landscape and uncover insights of the stakeholders while helping everyone align towards a common goal. This phase will boil down in the end and help us differentiate the brand from its competition while staying relevant to its audience and build a guide that helps maintain the brand’s consistency no matter where it goes.


Internal Brand

The foundations of the brand are laid down through the process up until this stage. Each of these serve as a compass for the growth of the brand while remaining true to its heart


Brand Messaging

Messaging helps a brand communicate its goals and vision to its audience through consistent voice and personality that is reflected across each of its touch-points and experiences.


Visual Identity

Here we will translate the core of the brand into a visual identity that represents what the brand stands for. This will be represented through various aspects of the visual brand, such as the logo, typography, color palette, illustrations, imagery, and other assets.


Brand Testing

Finally, before we finalise and launch the brand identity and messaging, we will test the brand with its target audience using quantitative or qualitative analysis. This will allow us to make the necessary modifications and aid in the decision making through the feedback of the target audience.

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