Being the First Mover

The brand that sprints first wins the race.

Being the First Mover

In a competitive world of brands, the trends and offerings are rapidly changing much faster than ever.

We may come up with a unique offering that differentiates our brand, that is not enough to be a brand that stands out. It is equally important to continuously innovate and enhance it, as the moment the ideas are out companies and corporations who have more budget and resources may jump on the bandwagon to produce something similar.

First Mover is brand that makes the fastest move to getting a feature or product into the market, winning over the competition and being in top of mind of people.

There should be a lot of focus on being the first mover at it while continuously innovating the experience which will allow your brand to be the first one to pop in your customer's mind when they think of a certain category.

What is an audio only social network platform that allows people from around the world to connect with each other?

The answer would have been Clubhouse a couple of years ago. Once people got used to the platform other players such as twitter and Linkedin started bringing it in as a feature on their platforms, improving the user experiences to the degree that clubhouse is no more top of mind for people.

This is the power of being the First Mover in any category, feature or product.

Dec 4, 2022
Mohammad Faraz

Mohammad Faraz

Silent Extrovert & Former Architect turned Brand Architect helping emerging tech and startup brands plan spaces in the hearts and minds of their customers through Brand Strategy & Brand Identity.