We build purpose-driven humanized brands using OI (organic intelligence)
We are a Branding Agency specialised in brand strategy & visual identity services that uses an architectural framework to help you tell memorable stories and provide long lasting experiences.
Why we stand out
We think Outta The Box
Originality results from taking a step out and observing the world from a different perspective. Our ideas are unique, unprecedented and outta the norm.
We design in and Outta The Box
We help build brands whose mind, body and soul are all aligned such that it’s communication is clear and resonates with its core attributes.
Timeless and Priceless
Quality for us is to make brands that are timeless that evolve with time to become a great asset in the lives our clients and their customers.
Work that brings value to the society
We believe our actions are the building blocks of the society. Hence, we lead by example while understanding the needs of the people.
[ Our Values ]
We think and act outta the norm
A workshop that helps uncover the organization’s user types, competitive landscape & aligns the stakeholders towards a common goal.
Interviewing target customers to verify our assumptions & understanding the landscape of the brand while analyzing the market to help you stand out.
We produce a well defined plan backed by our discovery & research which includes the internal brand, user personas, market positioning, brand expression, etc.
We help execute both verbal and visual aspects of the brand making sure that each and every touchpoint aligns with its core.
Before jumping into the market we help test the brand with a sample population using qualitative, quantitative or field tests, based on the brand's needs.
[ Our Process ]
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Brand Strategy
Brand Audits
Quantitative & Qualitative Research
Brand Strategy
Brand Voice & Tone
Messaging Framework
User Experience
Brand Identity
Brand Development
Logo Design
Visual Identity
Brand Style-Guide
Illustration & Iconography
Physical Collateral
Brochure Design
White Paper
Packaging & Labelings
Print Advertising
Wayfinding & Signage
Annual Report
Digital Collateral
Pitch Deck
Web Design
Social Media Design Templates
Logo Animation
Lottie Animations
Email Marketing Templates
[ Our Services ]
We are people who love babysitting brands
Muhammed Faraz
[ Co-founder | Chief Brand Officer ]
Ahmed Tahqique
[ Co-founder | CEO ]
Safwan Ibrahim
[ Project Manager ]
Anas Mujahid
[ Graphic Designer ]
[ Marketing Manager ]
[ Our Team ]