It takes a village to build a brand

It takes a village to build a brand

 It takes a village to build a brand

Businesses often tend to look at others and feel that they are not good enough, that they should try to copy things that their competitors are doing in order to excel in the marketplace.

This is a trap of an endless loop as they may never be able to topple some of the top players in a particular category or industry.

What makes each organisation or business unique are the people it needs to build it. As Marty Neumeier mentions in the Brand Gap:

"It takes a village to build a brand."

Just like each of us as individuals are unique as we are the making of all the people we have met during our lifetime.

Likewise, the growth and success of a brand is not just influenced by its core team but rather the investors, advisors, suppliers, partners, collaborators, customers and even the competition.

Thus no two brands can claim that each and every individual that influences it are exactly the same. So embrace the uniqueness and always strive to take a different route compared to what others do.

Dec 4, 2022
Mohammad Faraz

Mohammad Faraz

Silent Extrovert & Former Architect turned Brand Architect helping emerging tech and startup brands plan spaces in the hearts and minds of their customers through Brand Strategy & Brand Identity.