Rumah Oppah
[ Brand Identity ]
An e-commerce platform for people to buy premium gifts for their families and friends celebrating Malaysian heritage and culture.
Rumah Oppah means "grandmother's home" in Malay. The design concept had to incorporate a warm and homely feeling of visiting one's grandparent's house as in a lot of cultures they love to pamper their grandchildren and spoil them by giving them gifts.
Structure of the house represents the
letters in the name.
We chose to explore and incorporate the traditional Malaysian architecture with its unique characteristics combining it with the word OPPAH (Grandmother) resulting in a subtle visual representation of grandmother's house.
The brand shouts minimalism and class with an icing of friendliness to it. We chose a simple yet meaningful pattern with an emphasis on the distinct roofs that Malaysian houses have.
They are Brand whisperers! Outta The Box knows how to acquire vital information from me effectively which I didn't realize that I had that kind of information in the beginning. As a client, I only know what I don't want. But they know what I want for my Brand!

Undoubtedly great work!

Really enjoy and enlightening on every phase of the Brand development.

Alif Adnan, Founder of Rumah Oppah