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Revivers is Religious Organization providing a platform for self development and uplifting themoral values of the youth through organizing talks and workshops.
Revivers revolves around the concept of Reviving the Message of Islam among the people to spreadthe core message of Monotheism and the Revival of the Legacy of Prophet Muhammed (Peace beupon him. This is incorporated in the brand as the youth being the tourch bearers of this message.
The fist represents the power of change the youth can bring to the community which
is combined with the fire representing the torch of the message that lits the path.
The brand expresses the message and mission of leaving a legacy for the people to follow. For changeis possible when it is supported by zealosness and high determination.
We helped the build a tribe around Revivers who love to ascribe themselves to it by uniting peoplewho have a common goal and mission alligned with the brand.
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