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Quraany is a social enterprise that primarily aims towards making the Qur’an accessible to targeted communities around the world.
In the process of building the brand of Quraany, we helped them discover their mission to inspire and provide positive disruptive solutions to gift the Holy Quran to every individual around the globe. The name Quraany means “My Quran” in Arabic showing the personal impact it wants leave on individuals.
Quran being the heart of the brand’s purpose and existence. We incorporated a subtle and minimal negative space in the centre of the letter Q which connects with the visuals of the designs and patterns found in the copies of the Quran. The symbol is also a combination of both the English and Arabic initials of the name - the letter Q & the letter ق (qaaf)
We helped position Quraany as an organization that serves the needs of the community by using disruptive solutions that is impactful and personal to make the Qur’an a part of each and every individual’s everyday life. We incorporated thsese qualities through every customer touchpoint we planed and designed for them.
We designed a user friendly and responsive website that is easy to navigate through for the type of audience Quraany caters towards.

The website conveys a clear message about what Quraany stands for as well as articulates the initial goals that they want to accomplish.
It is really a great pleasure to work with the Outta The Box team. They work with us patiently in every part of our project with professionalism and pleasant mannerisms. They go beyond what is expected of them to bring excellence to their work. By the grace of Allah we managed to revive our brand and website because of their dedication. May Allah put Blessings in their work!Ahmed Hallalo, CEO of Quraany
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