Mimar Sinaan
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An architecture firm providing amazing architectural designs and state of the art interior design services as well as a platform to learn Architecture skills from professionals.
Mimar Sinaan is named after the great Ottoman Architect from Islamic history. Being well known for the unique architectural style spread across his various masterpieces, was a key element we incorporated within the brand with a modern touch.
The logo mark is an Arabic calligraphy which is designed in the shape of a mosque with a minaret that represents the heritage of Islamic Architecture.
Mimar Sinaan is a brand that expresses quality and minimalism combined with a slight sophistication which represents the unique approach they have for their design process.
We used a subtle yet powerful pattern that celebrates the simplicity and minimalism of the brand with a modern style of representing traditional Islamic patterns.
The website is where we embodied their brand story and message with a consistent application of the new developed visual identity in a dynamic and easy user interface.
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[ Brand Identity, Website ]