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Marookha is an exclusive female only community space startup that provides a wide variety of private spaces for women to grow, socialize among like minded individuals and empower them.
Marookha provides a safe space for women who seek their fullest potential through a supportive & uplifting community. Their spaces are carefully planned to provide a relaxing, growth centric and stress-free experience. One of their core beliefs is that as women their true power lies in having confidence in themselves and protecting their beauty.
Through our strategy workshop we helped them discover Marookha’s true essence and the value it offers to its tribe and their unique role in the community.

We helped position Marookha as a safe haven for women to discover their full potential by giving an empowering, friendly and secure environment while valuing their privacy so they have the freedom to grow and develop the confidence to be themselves.
Reflecting on adventurous personality of the brand we selected the Hoopoe bird to represent Marookha since it is a key figure in the story of King Solomon in the Abrahamic faiths for the guidance of Queen of Sheeba and hence empowering her.
Marookha’s true purpose is being an oasis for women empowerment in an uplifting environment.
We ensured that the website clearly articulates the message that Maroookha wants to share with their tribe and the value that they add to the world through a friendly and responsive user experience and interface.
It is really a great pleasure to work with the Outta The Box team. They work with us patiently in every part of our project with professionalism and pleasant mannerisms. They go beyond what is expected of them to bring excellence to their work. By the grace of Allah we managed to revive our brand and website because of their dedication. May Allah put Blessings in their work!Zara Ahmed Riza, Founder & Owner of Marookha
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