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A company based out of US in the gaming industry. Asobi is a social platform for gamers to live-stream and socialize. Being a hub for people to share their experiences and have a fun time.
Asobi means “Let’s Play!” in Japanese which expresses a fun and playful nature of the brand’s personality towards it’s audience. We made sure this personality remains consistent visually and resulted in a brand that expresses its playful nature in different ways.
A representation of a gaming console blended with a playful face, portraying a visual message of the expression  - “Let’s Play!”.
The whole process resulted in a fun responsive brand that has a wide range of application and expressions. Asobi Emojis incorporates the core values of the brand of being a socialization platform in a diverse, fun and entertaining way.
The brand gives an energetic yet futuristic feel creating an environment that’s suitable for an audience who enjoy sharing and expressing their gaming experience.
It was a pleasure working with Outta The Box. They were very attentive to what we wanted and made sure all of our requests were done. The project was stretched a bit, but it was worth it. They’re very polite, talented, and professional. I would work with them again!
Linh, Founder of Asobi
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