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An-Nadaa is an NGO that builds Mosques, education centres, hospitals, wells, distributes food and does many other humanitarian activities to aid and empower unprivileged communities in Nigeria.
Being based in Nigeria in Africa was a challenge for An-Nadaa as the region was known for scams. Through the successful re-brand of An-Nadaa we managed to tackle this issue and regain the trust of people all around the globe to be part of the bigger vision and mission of the organization in benefiting the underprivileged.
The symbol represents a drop of water which is the core of the brand’s humanitarian values and which is formed by the Arabic alphabet’s of the name through calligraphy
We built a brand that set an image for An-Nadaa that speaks of trust, reliability and the potential of bringing change to the lives of millions of unprevilidged people. This resulted in a responsive brand with a wide range of applications.
The brand is humanized through giving it the qualities of compassion, care and having a sense of belonging for the people in an age of deception and scams by non genuine charity organizations.
The website is where we embodied their brand story and message with a consistent application of the new developed visual identity in a dynamic and easy user interface.
It is really a great pleasure to work with the Outta The Box team. They work with us patiently in every part of our project with professionalism and pleasant mannerisms. They go beyond what is expected of them to bring excellence to their work. By the grace of Allah we managed to revive our brand and website because of their dedication. May Allah put Blessings in their work!Dr. Ibrahim Nuhu, Founder & Director of An-Nadaa
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