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Grainer is Southeast Asia's leading FinTech & PropTech solution provider. They develop cutting-edgesolutions for enterprises that aim to stay at the forefront of tech innovation.
Grainer is a tech initiative that strives to be at the center of innovation in the tech industry. We helped Grainer discover their core values and personality and helped strategically position them in the industry as an expert.
The logo mark incorporates the whole business model of being a seed for innovation combined with a cryptic formation of the letter G within.
It is always good to know the people behind the scenes who work tirelessly to deliver a fine solution. We saw it crucial to represent them in a futuristic manner by using avatar that retains the brands values of being professional and an expert in the field.
We did a detailed discovery to know and define the target audience to make sure all of the messaging and touch-points speaks of a visionary innovative brand. These research further helped tell a brand story that resonates and connects with the emotions of the Grainer’s audience.
Our strategic process made sure to build the brand image of Grainer which ultimately helped them gain the trust of their investors and clients.
They were good listeners. They asked the right questions to quickly understand our vision and values. They then put that into a satisfying result. I would recommend Outta The Box for visionary and quality design.

Amine Fatah, Co-Founder & CTO
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Mimar Sinaan
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